The Cart Before the Horse

Google was not a verb in 1997.

cart and horseHow important is a name for a startup? It depends on whom you ask. Some “experts” insist a good name is critical and others argue that the name is simply a vessel into which we infuse meaning. Here’s my story.

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To Start or Not to Start?

The entrepreneurial spirit was not born of logic and analytics.

They don’t call us dreamers, innovators and pioneers based on impressive gross margins, Facebook conversions or our (fictional) projected revenues.lemonade

Startups are born of passion. Although energetic and consuming, it may account for the failure of most new companies. Once successful, founders like to attribute their success to passion and it makes for a good story. But, anyone who’s worked in the trenches of a startup knows that relying on passion alone to build a business is as realistic as expecting the Tooth Fairy to pay your mortgage. Continue reading


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Daring Greatly

I shut down my startup today.*

I’ve spent the last 21 months and tens of thousands of dollars building two product subscription services for pet lovers, neither of which exist today. In this blog, I will tell the story of my “color t and cfailure.”

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not sad at all, in fact I’m thrilled! This failure is the most valuable professional experience I’ve ever had. I hope this chronicle will help other entrepreneurs struggling with similar problems. Since comedy is just tragedy plus time, my story is hilarious.If you’d like to hear more, enter your email to be notified of new posts.

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